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Description of GNÇ (from google play)

The application of youth, GNÇ has been renewed!
You do not need to be a Turkcell member while entering the GNC application! Young people under the age of 26.

• Is your internet running out? Get into the GNC application now. Catch the surprise internet opportunities twice a week with CRAT!
• If you are bored, you can have a good time with games in GNÇ. Show yourself in competitive tournaments and get the rewards!
• There are many privileges and opportunities special for you in the application. Download now, don't miss the opportunities!
• Don't forget to check out the videos inside the new channel of the youth Challenge TV! You can participate in fun competitions and become a new phenomenon!
• You are not alone in education and career path! Hundreds of free training and certificates are waiting for you in the Academy section.
• You can access all the details about your Turkcell line, review the invoice details and get live support from Gencaver.

Version history GNÇ
New in com.solidict.gnc2 5.4.1
We made minor improvements for you to have a better experience.
GNÇ Come I think!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 5.4
We have a very fun innovation for you, GNÇ! With Challenge TV, you can now show everyone your skills and earn rewards and become the new phenomenon of Challenge TV!
Enter Challenge TV right now and shoot and upload your video in the challenges we have set for you. If you get the highest number of views, we have awards for you.
New in com.solidict.gnc2 5.3
We made small improvements for you to have a better experience.
GNÇ Come I think!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 5.1
We continue to improve our application so that you can continue to earn GBs by using Crack and test your knowledge with Bi'Cevap. :)
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.10.1
We continue to develop and improve the youth app GNÇ for you.
In this version we fixed a few problems with the application and reduced the size of the application.
Don't forget to try yourself in our brand new game GNÇ Bi'cevap and grab the GBs with Crack 2 times a week!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.10
We heard that you were bored at home, we made a brand new game for you: GNÇ Bi'Cevap! Play #GELBENCE to see how knowledgeable you are!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.9.2
We renewed our screens for a better experience while cracking and grabbing GBs! Crack is now with you with its brand new face!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.9.1
We made some improvements in GNÇ and prepared new surprises for you. With GNÇ Bi'Oyun, we have prepared a new game for you to have fun in your spare time. Train well in the game and wait for news from us for our new surprises :)
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.8
We made small improvements for you to have a better experience.
GNÇ Come I think!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.7
We've made minor improvements to get you a better experience.
GNÇ Gel I think!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.5
I've made some improvements to give you a better experience.
And we put brand new surprise gifts on crack eggs?
Come on, you download GNU, download!
You don't have to be a Turkcell user to use the GNU, the GNU is all youth!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 4.1
We had some small problems and we talked about them. I stayed to enjoy you too :)
New in com.solidict.gnc2 2.5.2
No need to deal with IBAN No, Account No! With my Paycell account in GNU, it is free to send money as soon as you pocket your pocket and it is VERY WON! :)
-They can't keep their eggs, they're waiting for you to crack! Crack twice a week, don't miss the opportunity to earn up to 8 GB additional internet per month! #gelben by
New in com.solidict.gnc2 2.5
- We have brand new surprises in the center of internet opportunities. 2 times a week to catch internet opportunities # Çatlat'a #GELBENCE.
- We had some minor problems, we talked about them. You had to take your taste off :)
New in com.solidict.gnc2 2.2
We made small improvements to make for a better experience.
Come to GND I think!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 2.1
GNOME Practice is back! Moreover, you do not have to be Turkcell anymore when you enter GNIC application! It's enough to be under 26!
-New GNOME application does not pay you with GB Accounts: The chance of winning internet up to 8GB in a month is in the application of GNAT with ÇATLAT!
- Whether you are Turkcell or not, English practice is ending.
- A lot of free training is waiting for you in the Academy section. Strengthen both the CV and the color of the hardware without throwing real life!
New in com.solidict.gnc2 1.2.3
There are wonderful beauties for young people from Turkcell! Come to GND I think!
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